Too Many Bones: Age of Tyranny (Expansión)



Age of Tyranny introduces brand new campaign mechanics to your existing Too Many Bones game. Using the Campaign Snapshot Mat, you’ll track your progress from game to game. Take out all the Tyrants over consecutive sessions to truly free Daelore from their grip!

Defeating (or being defeated by) Tyrants will leave you with all new Scars and Boons to deal with. Maybe you’ll even get a chance to finally put Nom’s Thunderclub to good use yourself!

Age of Tyranny introduces 21 new Day 1-3 Encounters (7 for each of the 3 days) to add immense variety to your early game, even when only playing a single session. Combine Age of Tyranny with the encounters in 40 Days in Daelore to make each and every journey through Daelore utterly unpredictable!

Neoprene Campaign Snapshot Mat
7 Unique Day 1 Encounters
7 Unique Day 2 Encounters
7 Unique Day 3 Encounters
7 Epilogue Victory Cards
10 Campaign Cards
25 Scars/Boons Cards
20 Scar Tokens
3 Scar Dice
1 Campaign Reference Sheet
1 Plastic Tuck Box



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